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Fractional Ownership

Add a CMO or VP of Marketing to your team of executives.Business Owners: Are You Missing A Key Member Of Your Growth Team?
Now You Can Grow With Part-Time Exec!

Would your business grow faster if you had access to a high level marketing executive instead of (or in addition to) a junior-level marketing and communications person?

• A Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) is an executive-level strategic thinker and implementer who is an engine for corporate growth.
• He’s a seasoned veteran with a wide range of experience -- one who will take the time to get a deep understanding of your unique business.
• He’ll analyze your market position, help you develop a winning strategy, and direct the creation of fresh, new, marketing campaigns.
• He will lead your in-house mar/com person or outside ad agency to get the most effective execution for you. Just as importantly, he will be your long-term advisor and action person who knows your business and gets results. Think of all the good this person could do for you!

But what do you do if you aren’t yet big enough to justify your own full-time Chief Marketing Officer? How can you become one of the big guys if you can’t afford an expert like that?

Well, now you can buy a fractional piece of that marketing
executive, just the way successful large corporations
buy part ownership in expensive jets.

Buy just a piece of an expert marketer.The big guys know that owning a piece of a business jet can increase productivity, efficiency, and profits in a large enterprise. And they can benefit from a far better jet by owning just a piece of it, buying what they need, for the time they need it, rather than having to pay for it full-time.

Fractional ownership of a business executive works the same way: now you can buy a piece of a powerful Chief Marketing Officer. You don’t have to wait until you are bigger.

Your part-time Chief Marketing Officer
has arrived!  Meet Choppy Wicker, MBA!

Charles Wicker is known to his friends and clients as Choppy. He is a top-notch marketing executive. If you were bigger, you would have someone like Choppy, full-time. But, now he is available for smaller companies on their way up. For one or two days every week, Choppy will work as your chief marketing officer, and be available to you 24/7 for urgent questions. See the next page for his results resume and what he has done for others.

Because he works closely with you every week, his recommendations will come from a deep understanding of your unique business. His plan will be on target, unlike what you’d get from a cookie-cutter, one-plan-fits-all consultant. Plus, you’ll be dealing directly with him, not one of his assistants. So, why settle for a junior manager when you can buy your own piece of a very experienced executive?

Choppy Wicker has over thirty years of experience with companies large and small, from Incubator start-ups to $300 million national companies with over 1500 employees. Think where your business could be if you had his expertise working for you.

What can he do for you? Give him a call and see!

The first consultation is free, so you have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

Choppy Wicker, VP of your marketing“Hey! You want
a piece of me?”

Choppy Wicker, MBA,
Your part-time CMO.
Serving Upstate NY, New England and the U.S.


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Choppy with pole-mount PV panels.
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