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Learning Solutions
Communicator, Teacher, and Motivational Leader. --A scrapbook of samples and videos.

This isn't really open to the public yet, with lots of photos and video clips yet to be added from our archives, but you're welcome to read the preliminary text and captions and 16 video clips so far; just wear your hard hat and watch your step.

Choppy as SpokesmanAre you a publisher? Do you provide training materials? Are you reaching out to students, teachers, business professionals and people who simply want to improve their lives?

You probably know a lot about your business. But I’ll bet you I can help bring a whole new approach to what you offer. Why? Because I’ve done it before. Here’s the key: you could hire more people that are exactly like you’ve already got, but that won’t help you break out into the next level. As an outsider with a rich history of success in business, I’m a very fast learner of technology and the unique aspects of various companies. By hiring my talents, you’ll be bringing in fresh, new ideas that will shake up (in a good way) the imaginations and goals of you and your employees.

Want proof? For starters, check out my Portfolio page. It will give case histories of numerous innovative thinking for products and services. And shown below are a dozen or more examples of my work, complete with 60-second video clips from some of my many productions; these will open to stream in Win Media Player.

I not only generate ideas, but sell the concepts and teach and train people in the implementation. Got a complicated subject? I specialize in turning complicated technological concepts into simple examples that people can quickly grasp. My multi-media classes include feeds from miniature video cameras tucked into places that show the inside workings of mechanical and electronic devices.

I put excitement into learning, whether as a Fire/ EMS Captain, a commander and mission pilot instructor and public affairs officer for the Civil Air Patrol, as a writer/ editor/ publisher for several newspapers and magazines, or while creating and producing over 40 professional corporate sales & training videos.

Conceived, produced and directed over 40 professional video sales & training programs.

Even heavy furnaces can be sold by mail.The Longwood dual-fuel furnace video was a sales and service infomercial that drew a 22% response rate that turned into sales. Click Intro or example of Tech Details.

Charles Wicker in boardroomAddressing from the Boardroom the entire network of Sears stores across America, teaching the new business model, products, and marketing plan


Choppy delivers message to 1500 dealersProviding a mixture of information and motivation to national dealer conference in Las Vegas. See clip of intro to Mulching Mowers video,
Rockin' the stage in Las Vegasand Choppy on stage at Vegas in front of the lively dealers.

Articulating his new concepts to biz partnersRevealing the marketing strategy to new business partners in Nashville. See video clips from Intro and secrets of Market Segments.

CAP cadets help airshowAir Show, brought to you with the help of the adults and cadets of the Civil Air Patrol, documented in a fast-paced 25-minute video.

Training DrillProducing a training drill, conducting it, and recording it all for further teaching; an old house is burned for practice.

Flaps at 40 degrees,  brakes set, throttle to max, release brakes, pull back and you are suddenly on the express elevator.Selling fast engine upgrades for airplanes with ads, mailings, and dramatic videos seen by millions at Oshkosh.

Judge, Jury and Lawyers watch as Choppy shreds the evidence.

Company Spokesman

Represented a $300mm company in court trials as their rep and expert witness. One example was as the spokesman for Garden Way in court, on those occasions when a customer was careless with the equipment and sued us for millions.

There is no tougher audience than a jury of 12 people who think the “big company” should pay the poor little guy. In 13 trials and 36 depositions, I was not only the company’s prime expert witness, but also the official company representative. A few times, we lost. Sometimes, I recommended we settle quickly and fairly with the plaintiff. But most of the times, we won. This role required honest persuasion, expert knowledge, a thorough appreciation for the points of views of others, and unquestioned integrity.

Defending company at trialWith our great lawyer, defending the company in Philadelphia Federal Court

Dangerous work as Expert WitnessDesign and deliver expert witness testimony on what really happened (short video clip; narration supplied on witness stand). Do NOT try this at home!

Lively and compelling public speaker.

Another example was as the voice and face of Garden Way not only for advanced training of our 1500 employees, but also our dealer force as it grew from 150 to 1500 contracted dealers. Getting the dealers and existing B2C sales organizations to embrace each other was not on the level of achieving world peace, but it was close. Each group feared the other would steal sales. As an executive who understood and worked closely with both, I was able to instill them with the cooperation and enthusiasm to achieve our high business goals.

Working Prototype

Field Day conducted by ChoppyTraining top management on all current and new products at Field Day. This is one minute of an all-day presentation of dozens of new products.

Wicker Going Wild

Whupping up enthusiasm while teaching a room filled with hundreds of dealers. See the ads fly in this clip from Market Power

the TBON 24-page newspaper
Published 24p quarterly tabloid newspaper to circulation of 1 million
The Troy-Bilt Owner News, sent to current customers, generated millions in sales for parts, new products, and more power equipment



Designed and presented over four dozen training programs, supported by video and print. A few examples:

Choppy and crew
Teaching Civil Air Patrol rescue pilots a new precision navigation system.

Teaching search and rescueIntro to Loran (and later, GPS).

Accuracy 60 ft instead of 1/4 mileSegment on Grid Search. Using multi-media cameras and actual avionics, students got hands-on training.

Conducting Fire DrillConducting a fire drill for the volunteer fire department

Inventor and PromoterUsing a video to sell a new product concept (the Mohawk Chipper/Vac/
Mower) to Board members; 1-min intro to the confidential video.

Shop Talk with ChopTraining outdoor power equipment dealers on technicalities of new safety standards.

Better TractorsSelling the public on the merits of a premium lawn tractor line

Created money-making programs for customers, supported by books and materials; $2.5mm annual revenues resulted

I wrote the book on how to make your money back (and a lot more) with your garden tiller.
Cheerful Mailings To Existing Customers
The Custom Tilling kit included hand-out booklets, bumper stickers, free national listing, and business start-up tips

Feature writer for two years, published in four national aviation magazines

Aviation JournalsCessna Owner News, Aviation USA, Airshow Trade Journal, and Parachutist.

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Green Tech Marketing (including Solar PV, thermal, wind, and fuel cells)

Fractional Ownership of CMO

How Marketing and Engineering work together

Applying the art and science of direct marketing to your business.


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