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More Power for Plane
Penn Yan Aero
The Penn Yan SuperHawk engine conversion turned a plain-Jane small Cessna into a much higher performance aircraft.

   We Chopped Two Propellors to Bits!
"You did WHAT to my propellors?"
No, we weren't mad, but we did want to illustrate why the Penn Yan propellor (left) was better than the competition's (at right).

Starting with sections closest to the center hub, you can see that the Penn Yan's has a more aerodynamic shape for better thrust.



Marketing & Engineering Know-How Powers Aircraft to New Heights

Penn Yan Aero comes to us for a lift.

STOL C-172 launches with a ground roll of just 150 feet.

Small Company -- Big Opportunity

In the world of small aircraft, Penn Yan Aero is a legend. With an expert crew of designers and mechanics (including father-son teams), they have an outstanding reputation as an engine builder and repair shop. They are in upstate NY and on the web at They had just developed a modification kit for the popular Cessna-172 that included a new propellor and a bigger engine that bumped horsepower from 150 up to 180. That may not seem like much, but the difference in performance was astounding. They needed the help of a marketer who understood engineering.

What We Did

We started by touring the shop, learning all about the products and the competitors, and then took a test flight. We were hooked! We purchased the kit and had it installed in our own aircraft (doesn't everybody have one?) and conducted complete performance tests -- before, after, and against stock aircraft and competitors.

The test results were documented in a peer-reviewed report and published in The Cessna Owner News (see portion of cover, below) and other magazines. We wrote a new brochure, added a leaflet on the propellor (see what we did to that poor prop, at left), recommended mailing strategies, created not one but two sales videos (an infomercial for interested prospects, and a snappy trade show video that was featured at the world famous Airshow at Oshkosh, WI), and jumpstarted the program by working the Oshkosh trade show.

Public Relations and Targeted Marketing made the difference.

Because our sales pitch was so perfectly in sync with what the customers wanted, they gladly flocked to Penn Yan Aero to buy the product.

Choppy was a regular contributing editor to The Cessna Owner News and other publications in the late 80's.

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The Little Plane that Could.
Flaps at 40 degrees,  brakes set, throttle to max, release brakes, pull back and you are suddenly on the express elevator.
After the kit installation, this plane could launch in 3/4's the distance, climb 50% more quickly, and fly 14mph faster. This STOL Hawk, when lightly loaded and with moderate headwind, could become airborne in just 150 feet.

CAP Search & Rescue
Join CAP today !
For many years, we used this plane primarily for search and rescue with the Albany Civil Air Patrol. It had extra power and mountain performance, plus lots of specialized electronics equipment. Our well-trained crews covered the Adirondacks, Catskills, Berkshires and Green Mountains. Great organization; you don't need to be a pilot to join.

Search & Rescue Champions
Choppy and crew

There used to be national championship competitions to determine the best search and rescue crews. At the last one a number of years ago, our local team members not only won the NE region, but went on to be 2nd in the nation. And two of these pilots were in the top aircrew overall.

When it absolutely, positively has to be found overnight, call us!

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