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Results Resume ofChoppy Wicker, Expert Marketer

Choppy Wicker, MBA
21 Sherwood Farm Way
Johnsonville, NY 12094-0226

(518) 753-9528; cwicker(at)SherwoodFarmGroup(dot)com

Consulting Strategic Marketing Executive
(a.k.a. "The Marketing MBA Guy Who Talks Tech")

If you are a business owner who wants to grow your company to the next level, consider hiring Charles Wicker, known to his friends and clients as Choppy, as your Part-time Chief Marketing Officer for one or more days per week.

SYNOPSIS: Proven, 30+ year record of business development and profit building through creativity, innovation and teamwork. A results-focused marketing executive who grew up in the direct marketing business and is expert at overall strategy and marketing implementation, channel development, product development, customer relations, and business management. Experience includes substantial contributions to companies ranging from Incubator start-ups to a $300 million direct marketing and manufacturing firm with B2B and B2C channels. For the past ten years has run a strategic marketing consulting firm: Sherwood Marketing. Here are just a few of his dozens of clients and accomplishments.

Alternative Energy fuel cell development company as Director of Market and Business Devlopment consultant for 6 days per week for a year. Provided this well known (ask me for details) company with fresh market research and marketing plan, new sales partners, and new product development. Worked closely with all departments, especially with engineering, to foster enthusiasm and synergy that brought preproduction prototypes to completion and sales partners to the negotiating table. (See Fuel Cells and the Art of mixing Engineering and Marketing.) (And for Solar and other green energy, see Solar.)

• $1 million security equipment sales & service company; Virtual Chief Marketing Officer for a year, one to two days per week. Designed new business strategy that focused on better prospects. Created promotional materials, website, and business expansion recommendations. Advised on financial, HR, and other areas. As a result, the business expanded 25%, acquired a competitor and moved to larger quarters.

• $300 million major equipment manufacturer: Marketing Director and Innovator. Set sales and financial goals; conducted market research; determined costs, pricing and budgets; created ad copy; managed database marketing; implemented campaigns; created entirely new B2B channel of local dealers; drove sales directly to the company and through dealers and business allies. Result: these ideas led to a doubling of the company’s size due to new dealer sales and business development, and another 50% due to product innovation. See more examples at his Portfolio page.

• $15 million dot-com: Market Director. Created CRM department and new marketing concepts for a new company,, that more than doubled the advertising effectiveness. More details on the page called Dot Com Sales.

• Upstate Plumbing/HVAC Contractor: Part-time VP of Marketing; gave marketing and advertising advice and created a detailed website aimed at his best prospects.

Albany County Foster Families department of social services. Created new strategy, branding, and tactics that aimed at finding more families to care for foster kids. Innovative ad campaign materials and recommendations including:

• Other experience includes: all aspects of marketing strategy, tactics and implementation; business development; project management; advertising agency; national sales manager for large company; legal expert defense witness; construction; inventor; green technology (solar, PV, wind, fuel cell) going as far back as the first energy crisis.

In addition, state-of-the-art skills include:Powerful, intense, and enthusiastic public speaker.
• Management practices with MBA from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute in 1998.
• Technically savvy with electrical, mechanical, aviation, and engineering experience.
• Well-trained in solar photovoltaics, holder of the NABCEP Intro to PV rating; long history of PV experience.
• Computer Proficient in MS Office and dozens of other PC business programs.
• Expert team builder and instructor in Marketing, Sales, and Public Presentation skills both in business and with outside interests.

Kind Words From A Recent Client:

“I hired Sherwood Marketing, Choppy Wicker's consulting firm, so our company could get a clear picture of the market. Choppy is a real team player, he came into the company, quickly assimilated, learned the basics of the technology and the related challenges, and began taking on account creation activities as if he had been an employee of the company for years. His work really helped my company gain a solid understanding of the market and business potential. His excellent, approachable style makes him a strong team player and someone I came to rely upon for actual assessment and straight talk. I highly recommend Choppy Wicker and Sherwood Marketing to any company and would certainly work with him again in the future.”    
          --Vice President of Business Development for a well-known technology company             (names available on request.)

Choppy Wicker can bring a high level of marketing expertise to your company. Your staff will enjoy working with him and he will help you achieve your goals. So, call him today, at (518) 753-9528.

PV installationGreen, Solar Helping companies grow sales by using tech marketing expertise. Click Here for more details on why green is red hot.

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