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Hard-Hitting Brochure

The previous plan had been to make a short leaflet that would project a feel-good “image”. Unfortunately, other than make you feel good, it wouldn’t have had much of a sales punch.

Instead, we created an 8-page, full color brochure (see below) that was crammed with features, benefits, and exciting REASONS TO BUY!

It was successful because it targeted the most important person: the prospective customer.

Windo-Therm Sales Brochure

Start-Up Changes Strategy,
Tests Marketing Plan!

A retired gentleman bought the rights to an innovative interior storm window, called Windo-Therm. Operating from a small workshop, he worked hard to sell quantities of these to colleges and other institutions. But the idea was slow to catch on, partly due to the extended budgeting cycles and long-term relationship building needed by this sector.

In the meantime, we suggested he test the consumer sector. This had been tried before, but with limited success. After in-depth research of the market and the product’s potential, we found the way to reach the consumers. Collaborating with a small working team, here’s what we did in time for the annual fall rush:

A new business strategy was created, centering on a major test with potential for national roll-out.
Product improvements were made for better quality, assembly, and shipability (previously, distant customers could only buy the product in kit form – a major hurdle for many of them).
A sales-focused color brochure was created
Prospect lists were identified; mailings were designed; incentives and deadlines were offered so as to increase profits during the busy season and keep the business going in the slow season
An informative and sales-oriented website was created from scratch; see latest version at:
TV ads were produced (see photo, upper right, of on-screen talent with director Sam Goldstein of WRGB)
Newspaper ads were tested
Booths were set up at consumer shows
Store displays were set up at certain test dealers
All leads were tracked so that the advertising could be evaluated.

This last item, the ad tracking (also known as measured response, a proven technique in the bottom-line oriented world of direct marketing) was especially important. There’s an old saying that a good business wastes half its advertising budget… and if only they could figure out which half, they’d be a GREAT business!

Sales shot up when we stepped in.Company Grows To Next Level.
The test was a success. Even though it was just a test, here’s how the company’s annual fourth-quarter sales shot up. This is what we mean when we say we can help you bring your company up to the next level.

Due to the planning, execution and tracking, they are now on a path to fine-tune the test and to plan a roll-out that will build on the advertising that worked best.

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WRGB Shooting Scene


TV ads were produced with a local agency and TV crew which saturated the local market right at the beginning of the cold winter season. The ads focused on the straightforward features and benefits of this remarkable product; soon the phones were ringing and the website was active with interested prospects.

Follow Through Is Essential
This test was designed to find answers which could be refined into a national sales model. Yet, it also generated considerable funding on its own, reducing the testing expense.

Once you generate sales leads, you must learn from them and shower them with attention. Some friendly calls and letters will increase the chances of their buying. Just as important, you can change your advertising as you learn which parts of it are working best.

To ensure smooth implementation, we prepared an updated marketing and business plan; extra customer-contact staff was hired, suppliers were lined up and production was increased.


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