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Strictly Business!
(Our conservative side.)

Throughout this website, you’ll notice that we are very enthusiastic about our marketing efforts for clients. And why not? We love what we do and we find that getting clients energized and reaching for goals is the best way for them to achieve their next levels.Charles Wicker in boardroom

But lest you think we are a just a "blue-sky" marketer, be assured that we have a conservative side, too. We have represented large corporations when dealing with foreign directors, with their most important clients, and even in the court system. When it comes to building and implementing a plan for your marketing future, we are strictly business, and very bottom-line oriented.

(Charles Wicker, MBA, addressing national distribution team
from boardroom at Garden Way, Inc.)

Got a Chief Financial Officer (CFO)?
We’ll be glad to work with them to ensure that everything on the marketing side makes sense on the financial side. He or she will be glad to know that we are well-versed in the science of things like Activity Based Costing (ABC), Return On Investment (ROI), and dozens of other financial and management tools; this ensures that the plans we come up with will produce real results in YOUR company.

Got a Corporate Legal Counsel (lawyer)?
We have extensive experience working with lawyers all over the country on issues of risk management, intellectual property (patents and trademarks), and government regulations. We’ve worked closely with leading plaintiff and defense lawyers and even assisted and testified at dozens of depositions and trials. This means that regardless of which marketing and business directions you decide to embark on, we are familiar with the pitfalls and opportunities. We can work closely with your legal experts and be sure our new ideas get off to a smooth start for you. Click here for a page with real-life tips on Legal Defense in civil products liability cases.

A Seasoned Direct Marketer.
We are born optimists. But if you are looking for new customers, better customer retention, and increased public awareness of your organization, we are also bottom-line realists. No other type of marketing is as rewarding of excellence nor as harsh on errors as direct response marketing. This is because every possible investment and return is measured. In many years of working for some of the country’s leading “mail-order” sellers, we learned the art and science of such things as cost-per-inquiry, cost-per-sale, the lifetime value of a new customer, A/B testing, database management, and sizzling copy that sells product. See more about direct response marketing and the case histories in our Portfolio.

We Are Serious About Business.
You will find that we are open to new ideas and we'll work smoothly with every level of your company or organization, from the assembly line workers to the directors, from your vendors to your international dealers. And once your new marketing plans have been implemented, you will find that all these people will share our enthusiasm and optimism for what lies in your future.



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