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Video Segments -- See Choppy Wicker in Action

These are small video files that will open in your Windows Media Player; broadband is helpful. Click on the photo or hotlink. To get the full impact, contact us for a DVD of full-screen, full-length videos of Choppy in action:

-- Dozens of product sales and training programs

-- Videos for everything from outdoor power equipment to aircraft engines to the secrets of successful marketing and branding.

Better yet, hire him to come and create and/or deliver a strong, effective message to your customers, sales channels, or employees. To give you a flavor for what he can do, here are just a few segments from his many presentations. If you'd like larger or higher resolution versions, just let us know.

Product Video segmentIntro to National Dealer Product Video

This is a 1-minute clip of a 27-minute presentation on new products. It is aimed at the 1500 nationwide dealers for Troy-Bilt outdoor power equipment and it covers new products, features, and benefits.



Nashville Live
These short segments are from a half hour breakout session that reveals the secrets of Troy-Bilt marketing and branding that made the company the $300 million dollar leader for many years. (Note: this is third-hand from one of the audience member's early home camcorders. Thus, the video quality is awful; but the content is great! Watch a master presenter whip up the crowd with an energetic, fast-paced learning experience.)

How to Market Expensive ProductsNashville Live, Intro
Welcomes the crowd and gives them a preview



Good EngineeringNashville Live, Engineering vs Customer Needs
-- Why some products are good and others are bad



Calling all ProspectsNashville Live, Defining the Market
A humorous example of how to find all the serious gardenering prospects in the whole country



Lots of MailNashville Live, The Power of Branding and Target Marketing
More rapid action as Choppy explains how Direct Marketing can deliver better results at lower costs.



These are just snippits of full programs. To understand the subject matter, you really need to see the full video. But these do give you a peek at the passionate persuasion of Choppy on stage.

NEW! See page under construction (sort of messy), Learning Solutions, with a scrapbook of additional videos and ideas.

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