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A Partnership Between
Factory-Direct and Local Dealers
Wicker Going Wild
Choppy Wicker, speaking to national dealer convention, telling them of the selling power of “all this mail”.

At first, the dealers hated the factory, seeing it as a competitor that swiped their sales. But soon they became rabid enthusiasts, once they learned that so many more prospects came through their doors already pre-sold by the factory. The key for the company was to balance the two channels for maximum profit.

Need A Spokesman? Compelling speaker
Choppy Wicker, president of Sherwood Marketing, has presented hundreds of motivational, sales, and training sessions across the country. Whether live or on video, he can fire up your troops and attract many new customers.

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Equipment DealershipStalled Company Revamps Strategy, Doubles In Size!

Dealers: a good idea... or a or bad idea?

In the late-1970’s, Garden Way had been growing like a skyrocket! Its popular Troy-Bilt Roto Tiller had been sold almost exclusively direct from the factory via mail order, so as to maximize profits and avoid the margins and hassles of using local dealers. Working with their talented staff, I had helped them refine and expand this mail-order miracle, but now competitors (who sold ONLY through local dealers, usually with up to 2,000-5,000 dealers each) were starting to take market share. Question: how to protect and expand market share without giving up margins and playing the game by the other guys’ rules?

What I Did
I looked at every possible sales and distribution channel, from dealers to traveling reps to retail stores and beyond. I analyzed and brainstormed the SWOT (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats) until I came up with a unique plan. I set up just a few hundred dealers, so as to catch prospects who might have otherwise bought from the competition. Then I trained the dealers and showed them how they could make money, even in the face of substantial consumer-direct discounts. They were pleased, the consumers were happy, and the company achieved its goals.

How The Client Benefited
Marketing had always been one of the company’s strengths, primarily due to it’s unique mail-order direct marketing method of selling big, expensive garden tillers. With the new, equally unique method of combining Factory-direct with a limited dealer network, the company was able to expand its sales to $100 million per year. What’s more, this experience and financial success put the company in a position to double its sales a few years later by acquiring a major competitor.

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Competitive Distribution
Competitor Distribution
Complicated channels gave away nearly all the control and profits to others.

Our Unique Solution
Simple, profitable channels
Simple channels kept prices low for consumers and profits high for company and dealers.

Dealers In A
DotCom World

Regardless of your product or service, it's important that all the members in your channel or "food chain" have a good value proposition. Click here to see how I helped an Internet company to identify, train, and motivate their dealer network and ultimately provide a marketing concept that was more than twice as effective.

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