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Curious ManWhat is it you can DO for me?
Think of us as your expert marketing and business consultant. Our goal isn’t to run up your hourly or advertising bills; our goal is to provide business strategy and implementation for the REAL world… yours! We want you to be so pleased with the results that you tell all your friends. Learn more about goals, services, fractional ownership and next steps.

What do you mean -- "Fractional Ownership?"
It's kind of like how the big companies can afford to fly their own jets; they really only own a piece of the jet. You can do the same thing with a top-level Marketing VP or CMO. Does your current marketing person have an MBA, extensive technical expertise, and over 30 years experience of building companies? See details on Fractional Ownership for how easy it can be for you to begin.

Are you an advertising agency?Ad Agency session
No, though we collaborate with several (and even yours, if you already use one) if you need advertising and PR. Rather, we look at your overall company strategy, help you figure out WHAT you need and then help you execute the plan.

But for right now, I just need a sales letter; can you help?
Yes, we can create dynamite copy, attention-getting letters, ads, brochures and mailings, and sales oriented videos and websites. Fast, inexpensive, and on-target! But our best advice is to Aim First -- Then Shoot. So let's talk about your strategy first.

Do I really need a business plan?
3 Guys Working On Plan Yes. A study done by Yale showed that only 3% of companies had a business plan; but guess what? Those were the ones most likely to be successful! If you need outside financing, you’ll need a plan. And even if you do one for your own enlightenment, you’ll immediately discover that setting goals helps make them happen.

Why would I need an expert with an MBA?
We’ve got the complete business perspective, from the marketing right through the accounting and production, to help you ensure that your growth plans can be realistically implemented. See our Portfolio of successful case histories to discover proof of how YOU could benefit.

Are you a blue-sky guy or do you roll up your sleeves and get your hands dirty?
Fork Lift Both. We think WAY outside the box, but believe the best way to know the answers is to become totally immersed in the problem. In addition to offices and board rooms, we’re quite at home in factories, shops, construction sites and foreign countries.
See Case Histories.

Do you claim to have all the answers?
No. Even with lots of experience. But we’ll find the answers for you. If we don’t have it, one of our extensive networked associates will. See About Us.

How do we get started? How much will it cost?
Handshake It’s easy, and won’t cost you a thing for our first meeting. See Next Steps.

Who is "Sherwood"?
 Are you at a farm?
  And is there really a group?

     and yes!

See About Us for the inside scoop.

My nephew already does the marketing. Why do I need you?
He's probably doing a great job. However, we have a different perspective and level of expertise in certain areas than he does; we'd love to provide him with the tools to do his job even better.

To start with, as an independent outsider, we can give you an objective marketing audit of how well your current plans are working, then help both of you to make them stronger and build your company to the next level.

It's easy to get started. See our Next Steps page for details.


--That’s the reaction that noted author Seth Godin (The Purple Cow) says is needed for your marketing to be successful.

Your product or service must be so surprisingly good that people can’t wait to tell their friends about it.

Selling a bland product with middle-of-the-road marketing is a sure path to expensive advertising. The public sees those as “interruption” techniques.

So, we look for the innovations (or the innovative ways to sell bland stuff).

Example? Everybody thought we were nuts to recommend one company develop a walking mower that cost more than a riding one. So we went out and invented one and developed the marketing pitch for it. It went on to produce $100 million in sales. That’s remarkable! See New Products Launch for details.

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