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Furnace Brochure
The Longwood Furnace

Heat output: 150,000 btu

Fuel types: either gas or oil, plus wood logs up to 5' long.

High efficiency burner

Price: $2,500, plus installation

Cutaway of Furnace

Where To Find Longwood Parts Now?
It's 24 years later, and as of 2010, Longwood has gone out of business. When the company grew and divested the furnace operation, their star salesman, Joe Dennis, carried on the parts business for many years. Following his death in 2000, his wife and daughter offered parts through their website,, which is now discontinued.

The family has sold off the raw materials and is looking for a buyer for the tooling. If someone restarts the business, we will post that link here.

An unrelated parts supplier, Longwood Of Ohio, is also no longer listed.

The GOOD news is that the original supplier of the MOTORIZED DAMPER DOOR can still supply you with that part. They also now sell grates, and will soon offer reprints of the Owners Manual. Call Norman at (718) 589-6365
or email him at

These were all nice people and they had a great product. If you hear of renewed parts availability, please contact us so we can share that with other people who want to know. Thanks!

Hot Mailings Sell Furnaces

A small company in Missouri had been selling special furnaces through conventional dealers. Called the Longwood, these units could burn either heating oil or gas in combination with firewood (up to 5 feet long) at the same time. Well-built, efficient, and with a choice of fuels for today’s uncertain world, they were also expensive. At $2,500, plus installation, sales were slow.

We hoped to bring in additional sales by a test that advertised directly to the end consumer. But who in their right mind would send this much money through the mail to a company they’d never seen before? Especially for something as complex as a home furnace?

No Marketing Challenge Too Difficult!
To begin with, we learned everything possible about the product, the company, and their customers. We studied the technical design, watched the factory assembly process, and trained with the service department. We visited many existing customers to learn the real truth of how well it worked. Then we sat down and designed a series of direct response letters, brochures, and videos.

The first mailing was fat with features and benefits, with a 4p cover letter, 4p Q&A, 4p testimonials, order form and paid return envelope. It was mailed to a high quality list of home owners who had purchased gardening equipment. The second mailing was even fatter, with a 16p booklet and included the offer of a 45-minute video.

At the end of the two month campaign, 144 of the expensive furnaces had been sold. The test was a success. The little company was delighted!

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Winning Video
Video Sales Tape reaped 22% conversion.
Similar to an infomercial, but without the high pressure, this sales tape had 20 minutes of down-home reasons to buy the furnace. Plus it had 25 more minutes, to be shared with your local heating dealer, showing how to install it.

The “experts” said that nobody would watch anything this long or complex. Yet, of the people who received the video, many bought the furnace, for an astounding 22.5% conversion! (Normal direct mail responses of 1/2% to 2% are considered good.)

Need A Sales or Training Video?
We have produced (literally from start to finish) scores of videos for companies that made everything from lawn equipment to airplane engines. These resulted in effective and enthusiastic staff training, plus thousands of prospects who went on to buy the products.

What The Heck Is
"Direct Response Marketing" and Why Should You Care?

Direct Response Marketing skips all the middlemen and aims directly at your customer using techniques that objectively measure the results. It can be used B2C or B2B and applied to any level in your sales channel. But you can't bluff your way with this advertising; if it's effective, you'll know it, and if not, you'll know that, too.

DM is a great way to lower your advertising costs while increasing your sales and profits. But there's a lot of science and art to it. To learn more, please visit our page, Direct Marketing.


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