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  Applying resources   to plans.
We will work with you to ensure you get the right
· People
· Equipment
· Systems
· Funding
· Timing

  Overflowing   Success!
We once wrote a dynamic mailing for a company that sold high-end products directly through the mail to people who had never before seen the products. Response was immediate and sales were strong.

Basking in the glow of success, we stopped by the mailroom and observed that orders were overflowing, literally, onto the floor.

But was the staff happy with this surge of business? “No”, grumbled the workers. “You made the order forms too large to fit our in-baskets, copy machines, and filing cabinets!”

Next time, we made sure to fit our great ideas into the existing systems (and also train the staff in the joy of getting lots of orders).

   Effective    Implementations
See our Portfolio and Crazy Ideas That Worked pages for examples of how smoothly executing the plans made big profits.


Ready, Set, Go!
Businessman Climbing To Next Level Of Profits
The BizPlan is done (or modified); the strategies have been all mapped out; the capital is in hand; you’re looking for people, partners and equipment so you can start… --Now what? How do you get to the “Go”?

Marketing must deliver! (And so must the rest of your organization.)

Few products or services will actually sell themselves. To be effective, they need to be better than the competitions’. Their pricing and delivery have to be attractive to the buyer, while still giving you profits. They need to have effective advertising, trained sales and fulfillment staffs, and provide an experience to the customer that is seamless and efficient.

Some people call this implementation; others call it execution. But regardless of what you call it, we can help you put your plans into effect. We don’t know everything, but after more than 30 years in real businesses and a trip back to RPI for an MBA, we’ve learned what works and what doesn’t. This is what we mean by “Business Strategy for the Real World”, because without it, your plans will likely fail.

To step up to more profits now, go to our Next Steps page to see how easily and inexpensively you can get started. Want proof? See our Portfolio of Case Histories page to discover how others have benefited and how YOU can reach the next level!

   The 4-P’s of     Marketing
· Product – what are the features and benefits of your product or service? Can they be improved?

· Price – are you competitive? Do you offer excellent value for the money?

· Promotion – what’s your current advertising? Do you have print, TV, mail, Internet and other venues? How well are they working? We can improve them!

· Place – Do you sell direct to the end consumer, to business resellers, or both? We can show you how to get them working together.

   Thwarting    Competition
A company’s second factory and product line were at risk of dying due to rabid competitors.

We researched the market and discovered dozens of strong product features that hadn’t been promoted. In just two weeks, we created convincing (and fun to watch) videos to dramatize these advantages.

These were augmented with a training program that re-invigorated sales staffs at local stores, and convinced shoppers to buy more. This program extended the lifecycle of the products (and the factory).

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