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Do you already have a marketing director, VP, or advertising agency?
We love working with other marketers and helping them see the bigger picture and the bigger profits. If you'd like an independent review and recommendation of how they could increase their effectiveness and become the heroes of the bottom line, we can do that.

Or perhaps your own staff is just getting way behind on important projects. We can provide the extra "firepower" they need to get back to normal.

And if you DON'T have a marketing director or VP...
then hire us part-time. You'll get an executive level, Marketing VP and MBA-for-rent when you retain us for only the level of involvement you need. Click on Fractional Ownership for full details.
Rent an Exec

A Client Reports...

“I’m very pleased with your service. You quickly grasped what our company is all about and gave us excellent strategic advice. And in addition to the big picture, you implemented tactics which will boost our profits by expanding sales and reducing costs.

You’ve given us a mixture of low-cost sales generators that can be implemented immediately and also long-range ideas which will ensure our continuing growth.

Unlike other marketers, you concentrate on getting results that can be tracked, measured, and repeated; this delivers a real return on investment. And, you're fun to work with; you make us think, and have opened our eyes to some exciting possibilities.

We’re especially pleased with the website you created for us. There’s a lot more to having good content than just putting the company brochure online. Your research, creative writing and excellent photography really brought our products to life.

Our clients like the site because it doesn’t try to scare them into a sale; it states the facts, highlights our products, and gives options for more information via email, telephone, or our newsletter. They tell us the site is easy to navigate, fast to load, and that overall, you and your people did a very good job.”

George Condon, president


Next Steps To
Achieving Your Goals

Charles Wicker If you would like to improve your business and marketing strategy and then execute a plan that delivers bottom-line results, please take the next step today!
• Call us at
(518) 753-9528
, or
• Email us at cwicker(at)SherwoodFarmGroup(dot)com

It won’t cost you a dime to get started, and you might be well on your way to achieving the growth and success you’ve been dreaming of. Ask to speak with me, Charles Wicker, president. We’ll have a good talk. I’ll listen carefully to what you have to say and probably have a number of helpful suggestions. If it looks like I can add good value to you, we can discuss further services beyond that. Some typical packages are shown below, but we’ll obviously customize services that are just right for you.

Starter evaluation: This is an independent, outside review of where your sales & marketing efforts are at, what has worked so far (and what hasn’t), and where the best potential for growth seems to exist. It’s a way for you to get some immediate value at a very reasonable cost, and will give you a good preview of what to expect from us before we tackle the most productive phases.

We’ll use input primarily from you, along with your views of the business, customers, competitors, and other factors. You will receive 25 hours of our time. This includes two on-site visits (one for information gathering; one for final discussions), in addition to phone/email and other communications as needed. By the end of this phase, you will have received our Sales & Marketing Audit, a Situation Analysis, a critique of your present website and printed materials, and recommendations for Targets of Opportunity.

Small Business Expansion Package: This might involve collaborating with the owner of a start-up to create a business plan and get you started on the right path to marketing, sales, and funding. Or an enterprise that is at the $500m-$3mm sales level might need a fresh look at opportunities to expand above that with an in-depth review and revamping. We would handle the total range of business recommendations, but with outside resources brought in to implement specialty areas as needed. Costs could range from $3,500 to $15,000.

Medium Business, Specific Project or Rush Job:
A company in the $3-50mm sales level might need help in areas where we are most expert, such as:
• Marketing plan and implementation, from research to customer follow-up.
• New product development and introduction.
• Customer satisfaction and sales expansion, including sizzling sales letters, website, brochures, and other promotional materials.
• Our most specialized areas are with consumer high-value products, power equipment of all types, and manufacturing companies.
These would range from $1,000 to $25,000.

Retainer Projects, Fractional Ownership of your own, expert VP of Marketing: A rapidly growing company often needs the seasoned expertise of an acting-VP of Marketing (and his alter ego, the rent-an-MBA) to get them up and going to the next level, but can then continue with their own staff. We would provide an initial burst, followed by 6-12 months at a reduced level of involvement. For this, we would charge at a reduced rate. See Fractional Ownership for more details.


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You talk; we’ll listen; together, we’ll collaborate on some great ideas.

Or Send Us An E-mail

Tell us your problem; show us your existing website; we’ll respond promptly with suggestions.

A word on pricing...
Everyone wants to know, "How much?" Quoting an exact fee here is difficult and like trying to describe a spiral staircase with your hands tied behind you back. It really depends on the results you want, the timetable, the level of involvement and your own drive to focus on the goal that will truly define the real cost. When we meet, I can be more specific

Call and discuss; (518) 753-9528.
We'll give you fast answers on the spot!

On The Horizon
Go Green, young man; Go Green!
We've seen the future, and the future is green. Photo- voltaics; Wind Turbines; Energy Saving; Alternative Fuels. Are you ready for it? We've been working with green technologies since the 70's. See our page on Green Tech for solar, wind and other industries.

3 Examples Of Our Work
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Security Equipment
Completely new strategy for security company aims at large business customers. Our new site provides extensive product features, benefits and reasons to buy.

Plumbing, Heating & Air
If you thought pipes and furnaces weren't exciting, check out our new site for this aggressive small business.

Foster Parent Recruitment
Our creativity extends beyond building profits. Read here about the needs of foster kids and how you can become a foster parent.

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