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---Strategy (the big picture; getting you to the next level of profits)
---Implementation (executing the plan without killing the workers)

Portfolio (Main Directory of Case Histories; incredible but true stories of what we do)
---GreenTech Solar PV, Thermal, Wind (and more fun ways to save the planet)
------Solar Domain Names For Sale Great names from our development work now available
---Fuel Cell Biz Dev and Marketing (engineers discover a marketer they can love)
---Small Inventor’s Start-Up Marketing Test (test, measure, roll-out)
---Direct Marketing Secrets For You (it's more than just mail-order and late night TV)
---Dot-Com Advertising Effectiveness (improving on-line ads)
---New Product Launch (how to earn $100 million)
---Gold In The File Cabinet (database management found profitable sales)
---Furnaces By Mail (think you've got a tough job? Our next task is refrigerators to Eskimos)
---Sales & Distribution Channels (2+2 = 5; here’s how you can do it)
---Aircraft Engine Shop (propped up with marketing, they fly high)
---Legal Defense Expert (defending your company against civil product injury cases)
---Video Samples (a few exerpts of Choppy speaking at conferences)
------Learning Solutions (page under construction; a scrapbook of more videos)

Entrepreneur's Tool Kit (things you can learn from right now)
---Crazy Ideas That Worked (wild stuff that resulted in millions in sales)
---Strictly Business (the conservative, green-eye-shade side of our philosophy)

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions about the creative things we do)

About Us (the truth is finally revealed)

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