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Team Meeting
We will work with you to discover and define your best strengths and how those can be leveraged. We’ll also analyze your vulnerabilities, what the competition offers and how to gain market share.





Creating or modifying your company strategy and business plan is simple:
· Where are you now?
· Where do you want to be in the future?
· How do you want to get there?
Actually getting through this process will, of course, take time and effort. It’s rarely easy, but it can be fun and certainly profitable.

Strategy for the REAL world.
If you have a good plan, it will impress your financial backers. More importantly, if you have a good plan, it will succeed! To do that, you will need to have great ideas that are not only backed by people, equipment and money, but that can all work together to get the job done on time and on budget.

We wear two hats, named:
· Wild and crazy marketer
· Steely-eyed businessman

With us, you’ll get both. And in the end, you’ll have recommendations, guidance, and follow-through that will make your new plan a success. Check out the Implementation phase or our case histories of how our energy can be put to work for you.

 No armchair  geniuses.
Armchair Genius
With us, you won’t get clever quotes from the latest book we read or a fat report you'll never use. Instead, you’ll get powerful research tools that will give you genuine insight into what your prospects are looking for and what your clients would like more of.


Proven Results
See our Portfolio and Crazy Ideas That Worked pages for how we built winning strategies.

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