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We help you focus on sales RESULTS.

Flash vs Substance;
True Marketing ROI

Sometimes you need to put forth the impression of a strong company with lots of potential. But most of the time, you’re looking for actual sales orders.

For sales goals, we are firm believers in direct marketing and measured response. In other words, if what you want is more sales dollars, then a fancy, “feel-good” corporate brochure, letter, or advertisement is probably just a waste of your money.

You will get far more sales by testing and using proven response generators. Brochures that excite the targeted prospects; letters that convince your prospects to choose you; ads and a website that call them to action right now!

The end game is Return On Investment. Is your marketing and advertising just wasted money, or is it an investment that delivers real sales dollars?

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Green Tech Marketing (including Solar PV, thermal, wind, and fuel cells)

Fractional Ownership of CMO

How Marketing and Engineering work together

Applying the art and science of direct marketing to your business.


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is what counts!

Click on graph to see a clear enlargement. This will take you to the Portfolio directory. There you will see how other companies have achieved THEIR goals and climbed to the next level of sales and profits with our help

Do you need:

New ideas for increased sales?
A proven marketing and bizdev guy who talks tech and works well with your engineers?
New or updated business and marketing strategies to grow your company to the next level of sales and profits?
A complete Business Plan (either for yourself or that you can “take to the bank”)?

Your business is unique. There is no “cookie-cutter” answer that is right for you. The book-of-the-month, or the consultant-of-the-day will usually only give superficial recommendations (and likely what you already know!)

At Sherwood Marketing, you’ll find that we:
Careful Listener

Analyze, and
Recommend answers for YOU.

If you already have an advertising agency or in-house marketing director or VP, we can provide you with an independent, objective review and recommendation which will empower them to achieve even more! Or maybe they just need emergency help with important, rush projects.

And if you DON'T already have a marketing director or VP, it makes sense to retain us as your on-demand expert. You'll be getting a high-powered, MBA marketer at a part-time price.

See our Fractional Ownership or Services page for how we can help you.

Experienced MBA, here to help your company.

A Deal You
Can’t Refuse

Check out our Services pages to see what we can do for you in terms of strategy and implementation. Look at a few Case History examples and who we are. Then call or email us. We’ll be glad to talk. After that, often the best way to get started is for us to conduct a low-cost, preliminary analysis. You will get:

1. An experienced MBA and strategist who will really listen (what a concept!) to your pitch and your concerns

2. A market audit with preliminary research and analysis of your situation

3. Written report that includes at least three recommendations you can put to use immediately.

Beyond that, you’ll find that our rates for continuing work are reasonable and that your return on investment will be considerable. Our first consultation meeting is free, so there really isn’t any risk on your part to see if Sherwood Marketing can help you achieve your goals.

YES – Please give me a no-obligation deal I can’t refuse! (Click here to reach our Contact page and see how easy it is to get started on the road to better profits today.)

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